The Dutch mezzo-soprano Stefanie Bruggeling has developed herself in various areas. As a singer, creator, and music teacher, she carves her path in the classical world, showcasing herself as a versatile artist who sings oratorios, creates her own performances, interprets opera roles, solos in various concerts, and participates in modern productions.


Stefanie frequently performs in the Netherlands, appearing in various productions. She made her opera debut as singer 4 in the DNOA production of “Transformations” and the Sorceress in “Dido and Aeneas” with the Promonade Orchestra. As a soloist, she has been featured on radio NPO4 with Silbersee’s “Stimmung III”. Internationally, she performed in a new opera titled “Sometimes I visualize myself back in the belly of my mother”, composed by Mees Vervuurt, during the Rotterdam Opera Festival and the Tête-à-tête Festival in London. Additionally, she played her own children’s show “De Zingkoningin” at the Paltival Festival. She has also been seen online during the summer special of ‘Zing als Vanzelf’ with Bert van den Brink and Bert van der Wetering.


Stefanie has participated in masterclasses with, among others, Floris Visser, Bretton Brown, Ira Siff, and Alexander Oliver. Furthermore, she has worked with accompanists such as Nathalie Doucet, David Bollen, Gerardo Felisatti, Mirsa Adami and Peter Nillson. She also studied jazz improvisation with Sanna van Vliet.


Currently, Stefanie is studying at the Dutch National Opera Academy (DNOA) with vocal coach Sasja Hunnego at the Amsterdam Conservatory, where she recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Classical Singing with her own production “The Upperworld” which was awarded a 9.5. Prior to this, she graduated as a music teacher from the ArtEZ Conservatory. While her focus is currently on classical music, in the past, she has also learned a lot as a pop choir singer with Bluebirds and a jazz singer with The Cottonclubbigband and the jazz quintet Besogne . The freedom of jazz improvisation, the entertainment skills of a pop artist, and the discipline of classical singing make her a versatile vocalist. The skills acquired from both studies have shaped her into a singer with a clear entrepreneurial vision.


This season, Stefanie can be seen at DNOA as Penelope in “Il ritorna d’Ulisse in patria” (C. Monteverdi), and she will make her debut in the small hall of the concertgebouw with Brahms Liebeslieder-Walzer.

"I utilize my musical creations to foster connections among people. As a creative entrepreneur, I continuously explore novel approaches to make classical music more accessible to diverse audiences."

Stefanie Bruggeling